Vilena American Foundation LLC

Business development Fund

Vilena American Foundation LLC is a business development fundation created by the efforts of the international business club "Vilena Worldwide Group" and its co-founder Mr Vil'en.

Goals of foundation – implementation of the commercial initiatives in trade, investment and other modern business areas, as well as support of perspective and modern business philosophy.

3411 Silverside Road, Rodney Building, Suit 104, Wilmington, Country of New Castle, Delaware, 19810, USA

The main spheres of the foundation activities are:

  1. Infrastructural projects and trade activity in energy sphere
  2. Investment infrastructural projects in the field of commercial and residential real estate in developing countries
  3. Economic and trade projects that strengthen the stability of various regions of the world, through the development of foreign-exchange and gold reserves
  4. Modern IT projects integrated into the banking and financial sector
  5. Innovative medical equipment and life extension technologies

The Foundation independently implements projects, combining modern technologies with the traditional business culture of different regions of the world.

The main values of the Foundation are innovation, creativity and stable economic development.

"Vilena American Foundation" implements a wide range of opportunities for expanding its business, developing partnerships, including financing of the perspective commercial projects and scientific and social start-ups.

"Vilena American Foundation" supports the aspirations of scientists, engineers and economists from all over the world, creating for them sites with a high possibility of their implementation in the commercialization and industrialization of their ideas.

** We understand that the basis of all development is peace and humanity care. ** (Mr Vil'en)